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The DPF and catalytic converter cleaning machine CTW 1200is the more economical and compact machine, designed to enable workshops to offer a professional service and recoup their investment in less than 3 months.

Enables cleaning of diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters EURO 4 and 5  of cars, vans, trucks and commercial vehicles.

Its low cost, low maintenance and speed of operation, thanks to its inflatable adapters, make it the ideal machine for mechanical workshops.

CTW 1200 the machine designed for machine shops

✔️ 99% DPF and CAT recovery efficiency.

✔️ Total removal of ash, oil and soot.

✔️ Return on investment in less than 3 months.

✔️ Standard wash programmes DPF and CAT mode.

✔️ Multiple languages.

✔️ Inflatable adapters for quick work.

✔️ With wheels for easy handling.

CTW1200 DPF cleaning machine

Portable, compact and designed for a fast and professional work

Diesel particulate filter cleaning machine CTW 1200

How cleaning is done of DPFs with the CTW 1200 machine 

The cleaning process with this model is intended for a fast and professional work.

First the inflatable adapters are connected to the DPF or CAT, which can be connected to the DPF or CAT, which can be connected to the DPF or CAT, which can be connected to the DPF or CAT. without removing the particulate filter from the vehicle.

Subsequently, the DPF or CAT cleaning mode

Once selected, the cleaning process starts by introducing pressurised water at the temperature chosen for the process together with a special detergent which is introduced into the water tank in a proportion of 10 %.

It is possible to regulate water flow depending on the condition of the particulate filter with a valve installed in the tank, additionally on the pressure gauge we will see the state of the same as the cleaning progresses.

Once the process is done, the DPF or CAT is plugged back into the vehicle and the recovery is verified with a scanner via the OBD connection.

Operation CTW 1200 

Cleaning DPF SCANIA 

Características Datos técnicos
400V - 3 PH - 50 Hz
Air intake
1/4? max 10 bar
Tank capacity
120 litres
7.5 Kw
Washing pump
160 l/min - 2.2 kw
750 x 730 x 855 mm
105 Kg
Stainless steel Aisi 304 In parts in contact with water contact with water

Details of the CTW1200

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