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DPF cleaning machine CTW1500
New model ideal for professionals

The particulate filter washer CTW 1500, is the most advanced particulate filter washing machine in the world. professional for the DPF cleaning and catalytic converters.

It is designed to clean particulate filters and catalytic converters. EURO 4, 5 and 6 of cars, vans, trucks and commercial vehicles.

It is an ideal machine for mechanical workshops, commercial vehicle workshops, component cleaning and rebuilding specialists, truck and commercial vehicle fleets.

CTW 1500 the DPF cleaning machine for professionals

?? 99% DPF and CAT recovery efficiency.

?? Total removal of ash, oil and soot.

?? Rapid return on investment.

?? Customisable programmes for filter washing.

?? Selector for particulate filter (DPF) or catalytic converter (CAT).

?? Multiple languages.

?? Configurable ticket.

?? Remote connection 4.0.

?? OPTIONAL: Special fixing platform for EURO 6.

?? OPTIONAL: Manual washer 150 bar

?? OPTIONAL: Blow gun

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine CTW1500
Cleaning DPF, CAT, SCR, EURO 4,5 and 6

COMPLETE cleaning process



We test the condition of the DPF or CAT

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Cleaning process

Cleaning depending on the condition of the DPF or CAT

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Drying at controlled and adjustable temperature, 150 ºC.

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Final test

Evaluation of the cleaning process carried out

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Particulate filter cleaning machine 2023

How is the cleaning process of diesel particulate filters with the CTW 1500? 


The cleaning process is designed to perform a professional work in a straightforward manner.

It starts with the link from the DPF or CAT to the adapters.

Subsequently, a internal state detection test and will print out a ticket with the customer's details.

Then, in the software you can choose between the washing programmes DPF or CAT standard or customised programmes, which are stored in the system.

Once selected, pressurised water is introduced at the temperature chosen for the process together with a special detergent which is introduced into the water tank in a proportion of 10 %.

Once the cleaning has been carried out, the drying in which we can also set the temperature.

With the DPF or CAT dry, a new DPF or CAT is finally carried out. test to verify recovery of values after the work has been carried out.

Características Datos técnicos
Washing capacity
1000 x 740 x 1200 mm
Carrying capacity
250 Kg
Tank capacity
150 litres
400V - 3 PH - 50 Hz
Interior light
1x led spotlight IP 67
Total consumption
22 Kw
Air consumption
100 litres - 6 bar
Drying system
Drying system consumption
7,5 Kw
Resistance heating
7.5 Kw + 7.5 Kw
Fume extractor
0.75 Kw
Washing pump
2,5 Kw
Hand pump
1,5 Kw
Air blower
1,5 Kw
Touch screen
400 Kg
Aisi 304 stainless steel For parts in contact with water

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