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DPF cleaning machines and catalytic converters cleaning machines

At DPF REVIVAL we have different models of diesel particulate filter cleaning machines available.

Our machines range from simple models for mechanical workshops to models with more cleaning and diagnostic functionalities for specialised services.

All of them designed and manufactured with the maximum demand to offer a professional solution and to assist in a rapid return on investment.

The operation is based on the flow of hot water at high pressure, relying on the power of the fluid dynamics of turbulent water and the force of air impulses.


There are cleaning procedures using pneumatic systems which due to fluid dynamics, the air tends to find the best path with the least resistance and are not effective in removing ash plugs that may have formed.

The Pressurised Water Cleaning emits constant waves into the region where the ash plug has formed and succeeds in breaking it up and transporting it out of the particulate filter.

With the help of a specific soap, the temperature of the cleaning solution, controlled water pressure, and the help of pressurised air pulses, the cleaning is achieved by effective cleaning of any particulate filter.

particulate filter cleaning method

Among the equipment we offer, the most advanced have filter drying, status test before and after the cleaning process, customisation of cleaning processes, remote connection for software updates and troubleshooting, etc.

The models DPF REVIVAL are capable of cleaning diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters, by recovering the initial values of these components.

Unlike other methods, such as ultrasonic, decarbonisers, cleaning fluids, etc., particulate filter cleaning machines can be used to clean diesel particulate filters. DPF REVIVAL 99 % removal of ash, soot and oil which clogs the walls of the ceramics.

Diesel and petrol particulate filters and catalytic converters of cars, vans, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles can be cleaned.

Below you can see our models of DPF and CAT cleaning machines.

particulate filter cleaning machine CTW2000+

CTW 2000

Professional system for the cleaning of cleaning of DPF filters and catalytic converters on all types of vehicles. 

Drying, testing, cleaning customisation, remote connection, etc. are available.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine CTW1500

CTW 1500

Professional system for the cleaning of cleaning of DPF filters and catalytic converters on all types of vehicles. 

Drying, testing, cleaning customisation, remote connection, etc. are available.

DPF cleaning machine CTW 1200

CTW 1200

Ideal for mechanical workshops. Economical and compact model. Can clean EURO 4 and 5, (not for EURO 6 cylinders).

It has wheels and can even be used without removing the DPF from the vehicle.

EURO 6 truck particulate filter cleaning station - TBS 3000 - DPF REVIVAL

TBS 3000

Complete station for the complete cleaning and regeneration of cylindrical truck particulate filters.

Recommended for EURO 6 cylindrical DPFs.

CT500 DPF cleaning machine

C500 - CT500

Universal filter cleaning machines with a range of adapters for use with all vehicles.

The CT500 model incorporates adapters to clean EURO 6.

Dryer for particulate filters and catalytic converters DPFREVIVAL


Dryer for particulate filters, catalytic converters and exhaust systems. 

Capable of drying a particulate filter or catalytic converter in 10 minutes.

OXY-Lite Engine Decabonising Machine

REVIVAL OXILITE Carbon cleaning machine

The ideal HHO machine for the workshop.

Compact, powerful and built on 10 years of experience and the best materials for intensive use.

Cleaning detergent DPF Cleaner 4.0

DPF Cleaner 4.0

Detergent specifically designed for the removal of solid particles (soot, ash and oil) from inside the ceramics of particulate filters and catalytic converters.


Tools for diagnosis and testing MADE IN EUROPE

Particulate filter tester

DPF Tester

Particulate filter saturation status tester.

Ideal as a complement to the DPF REVIVAL model CTW1200


Compressor meter

Digital diesel and petrol engine compressor meter.

With a high precision electronic sensor capable of measuring from 0-80 Bar.


Smoke machine for leak detection

Leak detection in a variety of systems, from cooling systems to exhaust systems in vehicles.


Common Rail high pressure circuit check kit

Dynamic pressure measurement | Evaluation of maximum pump pressure | Checking of regulators | Detection of possible leaks at injectors | Detection of possible leaks at injectors


Common Rail Low Checker

Digital low common rail pressure tester. Ranges up to 20 Bar.


 High and Low Tester FSI Common Rail Gasoline

High and low tester FSI Common Rail Gasoline.

Equipped with a sensor that can reach up to 200 bar pressure.


Turbo tester

Turbo tester with vacuum gauge.

Accurate turbo pressure verification | Test under dynamic vehicle conditions.


Digital pressure tester

Digital pressure tester.

High precision electronic sensor 20 Bar.

Oil pressure tester

Professional oil pressure tester

Professional oil pressure tester.

Accurate and reliable diagnosis of lubrication systems.


Cylinder leak tester

Cylinder leak tester.

Diagnosis of compression loss in diesel and petrol engines.


ADBLUE system test kit

Checking the AdBlue system efficiently and quickly.

AdBlue quality check.

ADBLUE, fuel and cooling pressure tester-TEST-AD-C-R-R-REV

AdBlue, fuel and cooling pressure tester

Developed to carry out tests on the most crucial engine components.

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