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EURO 6 Particulate Filter Cleaning Station
The TBS 3000 is recommended for DPF Euro 6 truck DPFs.
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The particulate filter cleaning station, TBS 3000, is a a complete diagnostics, cleaning and regeneration station of diesel particulate filters for trucks.

Enables particulate filters to be cleaned EURO 4, 5 and 6 CYLINDRICALS of trucks and heavy vehicles by means of the regenerative furnace and pneumatic cleaning. 

Why TBS 3000 for truck DPF cleaning?

There are manufacturers who recommend pneumatic cleaning of their particulate filters. due to its DPF cleanliness requirements.

The TBS 3000 station, born out of the premise of a complete regeneration based on the protection of the DPF ceramics according to the manufacturers' guidelines.

This is possible thanks to its three modulesTest, regeneration and pneumatic cleaning.


Recommended for DPF EURO 6 particulate filters in trucks


EURO 6 truck particulate filter cleaning station - TBS 3000 - DPF REVIVAL

TBS 3000 the recommended cleaning station for DPF Euro 6 truck DPFs.

Ôťö´ŞĆ Total removal of ash, oil and soot.

?? Recommended by manufacturers.

?? Customisable programmes for filter cleaning.

?? 3 work modules.

Ôťö´ŞĆ Multiple languages.

Ôťö´ŞĆ Configurable ticket.

Cleaning DPF, CAT, SCR, EURO 4,5 and 6

COMPLETE cleaning process



We test the condition of the DPF or CAT

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Pneumatic cleaning process

Complete cleaning of the DPF ceramics

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Drying at controlled temperatures of 600-800┬║C.

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Final test

Evaluation of the cleaning process carried out

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How is the cleaning process of diesel particulate filters with the Euro 6 DPF cleaning station - TBS3 000? 

The cleaning process is designed to perform a complete regeneration of the DPF and to be able to verify the work done.

The cleaning process through the advanced pneumatic DPF cleaning system TB 3100 significantly improved cleaning efficiency, as it combines blowing into adjacent holes on the ceramic surface simultaneously (top and bottom side).

In addition to achieving effective cleaning, this method ensures a working environment free of dirt and particles. thanks to the suction system.

When used in conjunction with the innovative regenerative pyrolysis furnace of DPF TB 3300is achieved through a progressive heating and cooling of the particulate filter and/or catalytic converter, thus simulating regeneration automatic.

Thanks to this process, soot and ash build-up are easily removed and the ash is removed.The filter walls are cleaned by the filter walls, which facilitates and ensures effective and professional-quality cleaning.

To check the condition of the filter before and after cleaning, there is the TEST MODULE TB 3200which performs various types of tests. This includes a visual inspection using a light source, depth tests using specific probes of different diameters, and pressure and weight tests of the filter.

These tests allow for a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the filter's condition, thus ensuring proper and efficient maintenance of the system.

Pneumatic cleaning of Euro 6 truck particulate filters - DPF REVIVAL

Pneumatic DPF EURO 6 cleaning module TB 3100  

The module TB 3100The particulate filter uses a unique bi-directional scanning technology to remove soot and ash from each cell of the particulate filter, ensuring efficient cleaning and regeneration of the particulate filter.

It includes a bidirectional scanning deviceThe machine is equipped with an automatic turntable, a powerful dust collection system, intelligent control units and a touch-screen control panel for all kinds of settings.

Performs pneumatic DPF EURO 6 cleaning between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the condition and size of the particulate filter.

Analysis and testing module TB 3200  

The module TB 3200 is a test bench used to measure particulate filter blockage and soot and dust loads.
ash, and report assessment data.

The following tests can be performed:

1.- Back pressure test: 
2.- Analysis of light transmission:
3.- Weighing test. 
4.- Probe test

EURO 6 particulate filter test module - DPF REVIVAL
Oven drying of truck particulate filters

DPF thermal regeneration module TB 3300  

The module TB 3300 is a kiln capable of controlled regeneration of ceramics from all types of vehicles.

When carrying out a thermal regeneration in addition to cleaning with the air cleaning module bi-directional, we can ensure the best regeneration even for DPFs with severe blockages.

The DPF Thermal Regeneration Module has a intelligent step temperature controlalso injects ambient air while heating to oxidise clogged soot particles.

Ensures that the DPF is in the best environmental condition for regeneration.

The whole process takes about 8 hours. It consists of heating up for 2-3 hours, plus of the cooling time, 5-6 hours.

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