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▷ New tools for diagnosis and testing

Particulate filter tester

DPF Tester

Particulate filter saturation status tester.

Ideal as a complement to the DPF REVIVAL model CTW1200


Compressor meter

Digital diesel and petrol engine compressor meter.

With a high precision electronic sensor capable of measuring from 0-80 Bar.


Smoke machine for leak detection

Leak detection in a variety of systems, from cooling systems to exhaust systems in vehicles.

? New railway station cleaning of truck DPFs by pressurised air 

EURO 6 Truck Particulate Filter Cleaning Station - TBS 3000 - DPF REVIVAL

Cleaning station TBS 3000


"In DPF REVIVAL we advise you and accompany you in the choice of

the machine of DPF cleaning machine best suited to your business".

Members of the International Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS)

Our quality management system and
is certified by

Latest installations of our DPF cleaning machines

What is the main problem of particulate filters ?

diesel particulate filter saturation

Particulate filters become saturated until they lose the functions for which they have been designed, causing a decrease in vehicle performance and may even lead to serious flawswith the cost that this entails.

This is due to the accumulation in the inner channels of soot and ash.

Soot can be removed with the particulate filter regenerationbut ash NO can be removed with this method.

Therefore, for a thorough and effective cleaning the filter must be cleaned with a pressurized flow in both directions to remove the ash that accumulates and forms a plug in the ceramic.

For this purpose, we have designed machines specially designed for this work, since the particulate filter cleaners They do NOT clean up the ceramics completely and durably.

"The DPF REVIVAL range of machines allows you to recover the performance of particulate filters and catalytic converters, offering you a new service and a quick return on investment".
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A machine for every need cleaning

DPF cleaning machine

CTW 2000

The most advanced machine for all types of DPF and CAT and all types of vehicles.

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DPF cleaning machine

CTW 1500

Professional cleaning for professionals. DPF and CAT of all types of vehicles.

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DPF cleaning machine

CTW 1200

Designed for mechanical workshops, it is compact and allows DPF and CAT cleaning.

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Engine decarboniser REVIVAL OXYLITE

The most powerful and compact engine decarboniser.

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DPF dryer


The portable dryer for particulate filters and exhaust systems DPF DRYER.

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Saturation tester


 Particulate filter and catalyst saturation tester.

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We have adapters for all types of particulate filters and catalytic converters.
The maintenance is very simple and is designed to not suppose an additional cost on the cleanings.
The detergent is specifically designed for cleaning these components without damaging them. We manufacture the special detergent and are based in many countries.
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