Burgos - Spain
Compressor meter for diesel and petrol engines
Electronic sensor 0-80 Bar. High precision.

With this engine compression testeryou can check the compression of engines diesel and petrol effectively.

Our engine compressor meter comes with adapters designed for both types of engines.

The results are clearly shown in the 5-inch touch screen of the device, and the internal memory is responsible for storing these results.

If you wish, you can transferring the data to the computer via USB cable for further analysis.

This novel compressor meter is fully equipped with:

- A set of 8 adapters for checking compression on petrol engines,

- 44 adapters for diesel spark plugs,

- A kit of adapters for diesel injectors.

- In addition, it comes with a LiPo technology battery to ensure reliable performance.


COMPRESSOMETER of diesel and petrol engines digital


?? Electronic sensor 0-80 Bar. High precision.

?? Includes 8 adapters for petrol engines and motorbikes.

?? Includes 44 diesel glow plugs.

?? Diesel injectors included.

?? Memorises the results of 6 engines.

?? The results can be sent to a computer via USB.

?? Printout of the results report (via PC)

?? Rechargeable LiPo battery.

?? Designed and manufactured in Spain.

?? 5? colour touch screen.

?? Autorango.

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