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Electronic sensor 0-80 Bar. High precision.

Discover the efficiency and precision of our smoke machine for leak detection.

Our advanced smoke machine is the essential tool in the search for leaks in a variety of systems from refrigeration systems to exhaust systems in vehicles.

Our equipment excels in its ability to locate leaks quickly and effectively. By injecting a safe and non-toxic smoke in the systemThe machine accurately reveals the location of any leaks, even the smallest and most difficult to detect.

The versatility of our smoke machine makes it an essential resource for mechanics, technicians and professionals in the automotive industry. Whether you need to detect leaks in automotive or industrial systems, this state-of-the-art tool will provide you with reliable results.

Our leak detection smoke machine is designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, making it the perfect choice for your diagnostic needs.

It includes a smoke generator, a set of electrical cables for connection to the battery and a variety of accessories designed to allow connection to a wide range of circuits you may wish to evaluate.

Optimise your operations and save time and resources with this state-of-the-art leak detection solution.

- A spare part is required for operation: 500 Ml bottle smoke leak detector liquid.


Smoke machine to detect leaks


?? Leak detection in systems from refrigeration to exhaust systems.

?? Safe and non-toxic smoke.

The smoke machine includes:

?? Smoke generator.

?? Cable set for battery connection.

?? Circuit connection accessories.


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