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DPF cleaning machines in Chile

Our team DPF REVIVAL in Chile is working to bring DPF cleaning machines to workshops and particulate filter cleaning specialists in Chile.

Several customers are already trusting us, purchasing our DPF cleaning equipment and offering this new and highly profitable service to their customers.

Do you want to know why these machines can get your workshop off the ground? Read more.

Talleres los PUMAS with its new DPF REVIVAL machine

Particulate filter cleaning machine installation in Chile
particulate filter cleaning machine in Chile

Contents on DPF machines in Chile

Is it worth investing in a DPF cleaning machine?

It has been a long time since cars have been equipped with diesel particulate filters.

But since the introduction of the new emission standards, petrol vehicles are also being fitted with such filters.

Every year, sales of thousands of new vehicles with these systems and that's without taking into account the age of the car fleet in Chile with a average age of 10 years.

In Chile, there are 14,564,842 vehicles on the road, so there are many vehicles that need and will need this cleaning service.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are still a long way off due to purchase prices and low investment in charging infrastructure.

A DPF cleaning machine is a great OPPORTUNITY for workshops and specialists.

The market for vehicles with particulate filters will continue to grow in the coming years. and the cost of a new DPF is very expensive, so customers will seek help from garages.

DPF cleaning in Chile - what can you offer your customers?

With the professional DPF REVIVAL particulate filter cleaning machines, the following can be offered various customer services:

  1. DPF cleaning
  2. Mixed services: DPF cleanings when repairing injectors, turbos, EGR, etc.
  3. Maintenance services for private users and fleets.

In many cases, the DPF clogging problems are caused by problems in other vehicle components, such as turbocharger failure, EGR valve malfunction, etc.

After repairing one of these faults, a particulate filter cleaning is the perfect solution to restore the vehicle's performance and prevent it from failing again due to a clogged DPF.

A DPF cleaning machine in Chile: Ideal for workshops and customers

The purchase of a DPF REVIVAL cleaning machine is a secure investment.

Some of the advantages for all parties involved:

  1. The customer saves a lot of money because the price of a new DPF is almost prohibitive. A cleaning can be done for much less money.
  2. The workshop offers a differential service, which is necessary nowadays.
  3. The client does not have to seek illegal solutions such as particulate filter cancellation, emptying, reprogramming, etc.

REVIVAL DPF machines guarantee professional cleaning, restoring 90 % of the initial values.

Want to know more about how to offer this new DPF cleaning service in Chile?

Ask our team for a no-obligation consultation:

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