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How do you prevent breakdowns in the truck DPF?

DPF truck

The Truck DPF are an essential element for the correct operation of trucks and also because a breakdown in a truck's DPF can be prohibitively expensive.

Maintenance of the aftertreatment system is easier when it is ahead of demand.

Little by little, lessons are being learned from mistakes in aftertreatment system maintenance, but there is still a long way to go.

The diesel particulate filters and truck catalytic converters and selective catalytic reduction systems have created several problems for fleet managers and drivers.

The difficulty of predicting when maintenance is required, or when upstream problems will cause downstream failures, hampers maintenance personnel.

If some preventive measures were implemented within a prescribed time or mileage, a lot of headaches and downtime could be avoided.

Although the warranty on truck DPFs may extend to 800,000 km or more, this does not mean that you don't have to worry about keeping them in good condition.

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How should truck DPFs be properly maintained?

breakdown dpf truck

The most appropriate for good maintenance monitor soot loading and other factors affecting cleaning intervals so that when the levels start to rise, the truck's DPF is cleaned.

With the cleaning machines DPF-REVIVAL a particulate filter can be cleaned and have it ready in a few hours reducing downtime and its consequent loss of money.

Truck DPFs can even be cleaned and made available for quick exchanges and replacements should the need arise.

As ash and soot accumulate in the filter, regenerations can remove most of it in the early stages of life, but not all of it.

As the filter ages, more material remains after a regeneration, eventually requiring more frequent regenerations.

Above all, the ashis the main residue that creates problems because it is not removed by regeneration, which leads to clogging of the ceramic filter walls of the truck DPF ceramics.

At some point it will always need to be cleaned. The extent of the cleaning process depends on the condition of the filter.

A cleaning restores the filtration capabilities of the ceramic almost to 99 % when done on time and on a regular basis.

Fleets that do not perform the cleaning interval on time run the risk of contaminating their DPF filters with oil or coolant, which can cause serious damage to the ceramics.

Is it appropriate to have a particulate filter cleaning machine?

DPF cleaning truck

The answer is yes when fleets are large.

Having a cleaning machine can be a brilliant option.

A truck DPF cleaning machine The ability to clean in a few hours and to always have trucks ready is essential to have the fleet always ready.

If the truck's DPF has to be sent to an external company for cleaning, the times are no longer hours, and that costs money: cleaning + truck downtime.

Fleets with older trucks are likely to see their DPF regeneration intervals shorten as ash build-up accumulates in the ceramics.

Instead of being stuck on the road in a costly situation, step up and schedule truck DPF cleanings before it locks up for good and leaves a bill of thousands of euros and several days of downtime.

Ask us for the most suitable option for your fleet!


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