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Buying a particulate filter cleaning machine in Mexico is now possible, we have arrived!

particulate filter cleaning Mexico

Since December, we have landed in Mexico to offer our catalytic converter and particulate filter cleaning machines to professionals in the Mexican market.

With the constant restrictions on the emission of polluting gases, traffic restrictions in the cities and breakdowns of these components, from DPF REVIVAL we come to offer you a professional solution to these problems.

Catalytic converters and particulate filters, as well as being essential components for the filtration of pollutant gases, are prone to failure and can cause serious and costly breakdowns.

Cleaning of particulate filters and catalytic converters Mexico

Can the catalytic converter and particulate filter be cleaned?

Both catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter can be cleaned by regaining efficiency of these components whenever they have been damaged.

Today, it is a much-needed service to maintain Mexico's vehicle fleet, which is equipped with more than 50 million vehicles and an average age of 15.5 years.

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Why is it time to offer a particulate filter cleaning service in Mexico?

The purchase of a cleaning machine presents a great opportunity if you are a repair professional in the automotive sector. (mechanical workshops, specialists, fleets), because you can offer a new, highly cost-effective service to your customers, create new lines of business and get a quick return on investment.

The cost of a new DPF is prohibitive, which is why a new DPF is particulate filter and catalytic converter cleaning machine is a new line of business. it offers you:

> Rapid return on investment.

> Opens a new revenue line.

> Attract new customers to the workshop.

How to recoup the investment with a REVIVAL DPF cleaning machine?

With the DPF REVIVAL machines, professional DPF and catalytic converter cleaning can be carried out on all types of vehicles.

These cleanings are charged at around P3,500.00 - P4,660.00 per cleaning for cars and more than double the cost for trucks.

With 4-5 cleanings per week, our machines can pay for themselves in less than 4 months depending on the model.

It is a win-win for the workshop, you are going to offer a new service and attract new customers to carry out other types of repairs.This is a great advantage for both the customers, who do not have to look for other, more expensive or illegal solutions.

Want to know more about how to offer this new DPF cleaning service in Mexico?

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