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What to clean the particulate filter effectively? What works and what doesn't

What to clean the particulate filter with

There are many ways in which particulate filter cleaning is done today, but do all methods really work?

How to clean the particulate filter effectively is one of the most frequently asked questions about this component due to clogging and failure problems.

There are different methods such as particulate filter additives, ultrasonic cleaning, cutting and heat treatment, etc.

We analyse how to clean the particulate filter effectively and what works and what does not.

How to clean the particulate filter

Additives and particulate filter cleaning fluids

There are many additives and products to clean the particulate filter available on the market.

The results of these additives are not entirely reliable and efficient in a cleaning.

It should be noted that the particulate filter is designed with an open ceramic on one side and a closed ceramic on the other side, which forces the gases to cross the walls in order to escape and thus retain the harmful particles.

What is the problem? That over time and particulate filter regenerations a plug at the end and build-up on the inner wallsThe efficiency of the particulate filter decreases as a result.

The following image is very illustrative.

diesel particulate filter saturation

Can we clean the particulate filter with an additive?

It is very difficult to clean with additives and get good results.

When putting additive in the particulate filter the dirt that remains clogged up cannot be removed and there is a risk of damaging the ceramic due to the chemical aggressiveness of the additive itself.

Therefore, cleaning the particulate filter with additive is not an efficient way.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the particulate filter

The ultrasonic particulate filter cleaning is one of the most widely used methods and is still used by many professionals in the sector.

Although ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning methods, in this case it is not efficient.

Is ultrasonic cleaning of the particulate filter possible?

Ultrasound can soften and loosen the dirt from the ceramic, but is not able to remove it from the ceramic of the particulate filter.

Then, after cleaning, this dirt remains loose but inside the ceramic and can cause problems again.

In addition, when the wet particulate filter is fitted, if there are faults and dirt in the systems upstream of the particulate filter, when the vehicle is started, they can quickly collapse again.

All this means that ultrasonic cleaning of particulate filters is not effective.

Cleaning of particulate filters by hand: cutting, welding, etc.

This method is also widely used by particulate filter repair professionals.

Although the results can be good, it takes labour-intensive and time-consuming.

To carry out this repair, the housing often has to be cut to gain access to the ceramics.

This greatly reduces the productivity and economic benefit of performing the cleaning service.

After removing the ceramics, they are often cleaned with a Karcher or ultrasonic cleaner.

In some cases, it is the high pressures of a pressure lance can damage the ceramic of the particulate filter rendering it unusable.

particle filter cleaning with karcher

After cleaning, the ceramic must be reinserted into the housing and soldered.

Is the artisanal method efficient?

If done carefully it can be efficient, but it must be taken into account that it takes up to 3 hours of work and welding, cleaning, etc., where an operator has to be working during the whole repair.

Particulate filter cleaning machines

particulate filter cleaning machines DPF REVIVAL

The particulate filter cleaning machines are one of the latest and most efficient methods used.


The efficiency of pressurised water particulate filter cleaning machines is based on the introduction of a two-way flow.

This means that what is achieved is to ensure that dirt does not remain in the plugs that form on the inside and come completely out of the ceramic.

In order to carry out this process, the machines employ a pressure and temperature controlledThe detergent is also a detergent that respects the material of the ceramics.

The machines allow a pre-cleaning test to check the condition of the particulate filter and after the final drying (very important to avoid breakdowns after cleaning), another test is carried out to check the cleanliness.

Are particulate filter cleaning machines efficient?

The answer is yes.

At present, is the method that guarantees an efficient cleaning far ahead of the previous methods. which do not completely remove ash and carbon deposits.

In the following pictures you can see a cleaning performed with the CTW2000 model on a EURO 6 particulate filter of a truck.

Particulate filter cleaning Euro 6 truck
how to clean particulate filter truck

Here are some demonstration videos of our DPF REVIVAL machines

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